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It's Not Too Late to Order Your Back-to-School academic Materials: textbook printing, Curriculum updates,

It’s Not Too Late to Order Your Back-to-School Materials!

Summer is flying by, and the back-to-school season is just around the corner! As students gear up for another year of learning, it’s time to start thinking about the essential materials they’ll need.  Whether it’s textbooks, or workbooks, having well-crafted and organized educational resources can set the tone for a

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JPS Books + Logistics included in the Printing Impressions 300

JPS Books + Logistics Included In the “Printing Impressions 300”!

Exciting news alert! We at JPS are thrilled to announce that JPS Books + Logistics has been named in the prestigious Printing Impressions 300 magazine ranking! JPS Accepts This Award On Behalf of Our Incredible Team This first-time recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence in the printing

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Importance of finding a great JPS Books printing partner for custom books

The Importance of Finding a Great Printing Partner

Let’s be real: printing, binding, warehousing and shipping can be a huge pain in the neck. That’s why more and more, publishers are turning to third-party book printers and fulfillment companies to help them offload this important (but time-consuming) task. Working with a great book printer and fulfillment company can

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How digital printing combats paper waste and deforestation

Revolutionizing Sustainability in Print: How Digital Printing Combats Paper Waste

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, industries are actively exploring innovative solutions to reduce their environmental footprint.  In 2023, the printing industry—historically associated with paper waste—has undergone a big transformation with the emergence of digital printing technology.  Digital printing has revolutionized the way we print, offering numerous benefits that

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Top 10 Questions to ask a JPS books Printing Partner

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Printing Partner

When it comes to selecting a printing partner, no two companies are exactly the same. Here is a list of ten questions that will help you get a feel for the level of experience, dependability, and craftsmanship of your printer-to-be.  What is your printing company’s core product offering? Follow up

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Physical learning materials can complement LMS

Top 5 Ways Physical Learning Materials Can Complement an LMS

Are you looking for ways to take your corporate training to the next level? We’ll let you in on a little secret: printed learning materials are the secret sauce to achieving maximum engagement and retention in your workforce! In a controlled study, 92% of students said it was easiest to

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Benefits of Printed Training educational Materials vs Learning Online LMS

Benefits of Printed Training Materials vs Learning Online

GET IN TOUCH In today’s world, with so much happening online, it’s easy to forget about the benefits of printed materials—especially when it comes to training. However, the team at JPS is here to remind you of the many advantages to using good, old-fashioned paper in your training programs. 1.

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