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Who We Serve

Over 40 Years of Experience Serving Educational Curriculum Providers

We Serve Educational Curriculum Publishers & Corporate Training Professionals

JPS Books staff works to book print and ship quality books on time and quality books printed fast

At JPS, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality books and kits at a price that is competitive and fair. With over four decades of experience providing materials and services to dozens of industries nationwide, our team of print production and logistics  professionals understands what it takes to create beautiful books and compelling visual aids.

Industries Served

Educational Curriculum Publishers

Educational curriculum creators understand their subject matter better than anyone! It takes a huge amount of time to create content and maybe even more to capture demand. JPS is a printing partner who can focus on the details of your printing program to ensure that the materials that you create arrive in the hands of your learner ready to make an impact so that you can focus on what you do best.

Corporate training program managers need to make a big impact on the learners understanding and behavior in the quickest time possible. You are often focused on solving issues that arise within the company in a systematic way. JPS works alongside you to help you create materials that can catch the attention of your learners and allow you to deliver fast. 

Corporate Training Professionals

Turn-Around Time Is Key to Your Success

Printing and production is just one part of your content creation process, but even the smallest mistake could send your material delivery schedule sideways. That’s why JPS takes responsibility for the entire production process, start to finish.

Whether you run an educational unit, law firm, corporate training program, or medical facility, you can count on JPS to assemble and deliver your materials quickly, on time, and with excellence.

Educational kit or curriculum kit assembly for public schools, private schools, curriculum updates, curriculum changes and educational signage

What Our Clients Are Saying

“When I call JPS, they respond immediately. I don’t have to wait. I don’t have to call again. Within 24 hours, I have an answer to my question.”

Deborah Louis, President & CEO of Louis Educational Concepts

“My favorite story to tell about JPS is that nothing has ever gone wrong. I would absolutely recommend anyone to JPS. Everything happens here in their warehouse: materials are printed, bound, stored, and shipped. It just makes life easy.”

Jeff Tucker, Imprimatur Press Partner & Co-Founder

“I’ve never been told no. They are there with suggestions and samples, steering me in the right direction. They have always been there at a drop of a hat.”

– Taylor Higdon, Manager of Instructional Design Top Golf

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