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Streamlining Corporate Training Material Print Production with JPS Books + Logistics

The demand for well-organized and up-to-date corporate training materials is skyrocketing in today’s fast-paced business environment!  Corporate training materials play a crucial role in guaranteeing employees have access to the knowledge and resources they need to rock their roles.  Just one problem: managing the production and distribution of these materials

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The Secrets to Mastering Print Production and Fulfillment, Explained

In the dynamic landscape of content creation, how you handle print production and order fulfillment can make all the difference!  With so many avenues to explore, let’s deep dive into what your best options are.  Option 1: Harnessing In-House Printing and Fulfillment Many businesses opt to team up with a

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Unleashing Success: Crafting and Delivering Custom Training Kits with JPS Books + Logistics

One key aspect that significantly influences the success of any training program is the design, production, and distribution of custom training kits.  And because administrators lean on well-made printed resources to support their training programs, things like precision, efficiency, and effectiveness aren’t optional: they’re critical. Here’s a quick look into

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Creation and Distribution of Educational Materials for educational publishers, print and ship

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Creation and Distribution of Educational Materials for Educational Publishers

In the world of education, the people creating academic learning materials play a big role in shaping the learning experiences of students, student’s parents, and even fellow educators! An educational publisher’s mission is clear: create and distribute high-quality educational materials that facilitate learning and knowledge retention.  Even so, this worthy

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