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Revolutionizing Fulfillment Logistics: JPS Books + Logistics’ Three Major Moves

When it comes to logistics, staying ahead means constant innovation and improvement. 

This spring, JPS Books + Logistics is proud to announce three significant advancements in our fulfillment logistics operations that are set to enhance our services and benefit our valued customers!

1. Partnership with FreightWise

On December 4th 2023, we launched a groundbreaking partnership with FreightWise, a leading technology platform. This partnership has allowed us to integrate four new Less-than-Truckload (LTL) carriers and one Parcel carrier into our network. 

These carriers include Estes, Mainfreight, Southeastern Freight Lines, and US Road for LTL, and Lone Star Overnight for Parcel services.

Our decision to partner with FreightWise was driven by our commitment to providing the best shipping solutions for our wonderful customers. 

This platform allows us to dynamically determine the most reliable and cost-effective method for delivering each and every shipping order, and makes sure your shipments reach their destination efficiently (and on time!).

2. Expansion of Warehouse Space

To accommodate our growing business and improve our operational efficiency, JPS recently added a total of 33,000 square feet of warehouse space. 

On December 20th 2023, we added 20,000 square feet of warehouse space, followed by an additional 13,000 square feet on March 1st 2024.

This expansion gives us the ability to store and manage inventory more effectively, reducing long lead times and ensuring we can fulfill your orders promptly!

And, with more warehouse space, we can also offer additional services like inventory management and order processing, further boosting our capabilities to meet your logistics needs.

3. Improved Shipping Experience

With the integration of new carriers and the expansion of our warehouse space, we at JPS are confident our customers will experience an improvement in their overall shipping experience. 

Our new carriers have been carefully vetted to meet our standards of timeliness and quality, ensuring your shipments are in good, caring hands.

Additionally, the enhanced flexibility and responsiveness of our logistics operations mean we can adapt to changing circumstances and provide you with the best possible shipping solutions. 

Whether you’re shipping individual packages or pallet shipments, we can meet you where you’re at.

Before You Go…

At JPS Books + Logistics, we’re committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of service.

These three major moves on the fulfillment logistics side of our business are a testament to that commitment. 

We’re so excited about the future and look forward to continuing to serve you with the best logistics solutions possible!

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