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Unleashing Success: Crafting and Delivering Custom Training Kits with JPS Books + Logistics

One key aspect that significantly influences the success of any training program is the design, production, and distribution of custom training kits. 

And because administrators lean on well-made printed resources to support their training programs, things like precision, efficiency, and effectiveness aren’t optional: they’re critical.

Here’s a quick look into how you can transform your training program materials from mediocre to excellent.

The 3 Big Training Material Hurdles

1. Complexity in Design

Designing a comprehensive training kit that includes manuals, visuals, and explanatory text is nothing to shake a stick at!

Making sure each element meshes seamlessly with your program’s objectives adds an extra layer of complexity. 

Question: “How can I create a training kit that educates AND engages my trainees?!”
Answer: “Unlock co-creation—the process of designing for education AND aesthetics—with your printer.”

At JPS, we’re not just a printer; we’re your partners in co-creation. 

And, dare we say it: any truly great printer should take the same stance. 

The essence of printer/trainer collaboration ought to shine through in every single print project. 

By sharing best practices and offering fresh perspectives, JPS ensures your crafted kits aren’t just informative, but engaging and impactful.

2. Production Challenges

Coordinating the production of training kits, especially in large quantities, is almost always a logistical juggling act. 

Quality control and timely delivery are non-negotiables in this scenario. 

Question: “How can I ensure every training kit that leaves the production line meets the highest standards while adhering to strict timelines?”
Answer: “Partner with a knowledgeable printer who supports you in your efforts, start to finish.”

With JPS, the controls are at your fingertips. A member of our team will be available to you around the clock, providing personalized support and guidance from file consultation to final delivery. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention? Our online ordering tool grants you 24/7/365 access, providing constant availability as you work to bring your training kits to life.

3. Nationwide Distribution

The need for nationwide distribution is something more and more trainers are citing as a non-negotiable. 

Managing inventory, processing orders, and ensuring timely delivery become parts of training material creation that demand attention. 

Unfortunately, for lots of trainers, shipping logistics isn’t their core area of expertise! 

 Question: “How can I successfully navigate the intricate web of distribution on a national scale?”
Answer: “Find a print partner with a distribution geographic edge.”

Timely delivery takes center stage with JPS’s masterful nationwide distribution and delivery program. By ensuring affordable ground shipping that reaches 96% of the US in three days or less, we’ve eliminated the stress associated with distributing your printed goods! 

Bottom line: your training kits will be in the right hands, at the right time, every single time.

Before You Go…

Every trainer’s job comes with challenges.

Printing your training materials shouldn’t be one of them.

With JPS as your printing partner, you’re not just training incoming employees and staff; you’re creating an environment that promotes knowledge retention, enthusiasm, and excellence.

Ready to see the difference a printing partner can make?

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