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How to Maximize Your 2024 Budget: A Guide to Smart Printing Investments for the New Year

How to maximize your book printing budget: guide to smart printing investments

Wait! Before you finalize those infamous New Year’s resolutions, ask yourself:

“Is my budget prepped for success in 2024?”

As we say goodbye to the first month of the new year, corporate trainers and academics everywhere have a unique opportunity to set the stage for success by making sure their budgets and 2024 goals mesh.

At JPS Books + Logistics, we understand the importance of a well-prepped budget—especially when it comes to your printing and publishing needs. 

Here are five comprehensive strategies that’ll help you finalize your 2024 materials budget, anticipate costs, and find the perfect printing partner to bring your vision to life.

1. Early Assessment is Key

For academic institutions gearing up for the next academic year, start by conducting an early assessment of your printing needs. 

Identify required textbooks, workbooks, and supplementary materials, and take into account any curriculum changes or new courses on the horizon; if you have plans to add, remove, or amend courses, this is the time to get clear on what materials and printing formats these changes require. By getting a clear picture of your needs well in advance, you pave the way for a seamless budgeting process.

Corporate trainers, this applies to you too! 

Evaluate your marketing and promotional material needs for the year. Consider factors such as upcoming conventions, events, or campaigns that might require printed collateral. Knowing your needs early allows you to take advantage of potential discounts and ensures you’re well-prepared for any additional printing requirements that might creep up.

2. Anticipate Costs with Precision

Once you have a detailed list of your printing needs, it’s time to anticipate the cost.

Consider the printing itself, yes, but also keep in mind related expenses: design, shipping, and storage. Factor in potential changes or additions to your materials that could impact the overall budget so you’re not caught off guard later on.

For academic institutions, this might involve working closely with educators and curriculum developers to ensure that all necessary materials are accounted for. 

Corporate training managers, double check that you have the most current versions of training materials on deck for the New Year!

3. Customization for Academic Excellence and Business Impact

In the realm of printing, kind of like in the realm of life, one size doesn’t (usually) fit all. 

Look for a printing partner who understands the unique needs of academic institutions and businesses big and small. At JPS Books + Logistics, we specialize in customization. For academic institutions, this means personalized textbooks, workbooks, and learning materials that align perfectly with your curriculum!

Stand out from the crowd with materials that reflect your brand identity and leave an unforgettable lasting impression on your audience. Explore JPS’s robust service options and learn how to create materials that truly represent your business!

4. The Eco-Friendly Advantage

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, choosing an eco-friendly printing partner is not just a responsible choice; it’s a strategic one. 

In fact, 60% of Americans polled in a recent survey shared they are willing to pay more to work with companies that provide environmentally sustainable packaging options, while a whopping 78% report eco-friendliness is a key part of their lifestyle and business choices!

JPS Books + Logistics is committed to sustainable printing practices; for countless academic institutions, this aligns with the growing emphasis on environmental education and responsibility.

5. Transparent Pricing and Comprehensive Services

When finalizing your budget, it’s essential to partner with a printing company that offers transparent pricing and comprehensive services. At JPS Books + Logistics, our online platform makes it easy for you to access pricing information, helping you make informed decisions without hidden costs.

For academic institutions, our comprehensive services cover everything from design to warehousing, ensuring a smooth process from concept to delivery. 

Corporate trainers, take advantage of our user-friendly interface to navigate our range of services and find the solutions that fit your budget and requirements!

Starting 2024 Off With a Bang

As you gear up for the first quarter, why not get started on the right financial footing?!
Reach out to the experts at JPS Books + Logistics early in the budget planning process! Our knowledgeable team is ready to guide you through the intricacies of budgeting for your printing and publishing needs (no pesky resolutions required).

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