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7 Reasons Why Printed Learning Materials Deserve a Spot in Your Classroom (Yes, Even in 2023!) 

7 Reasons Why Printed Learning Materials Deserve a Spot in Your Classroom: classroom workbooks and classroom signage.

In an ever-evolving digital age, online learning has become the norm for many educational institutions and students alike. 

But even with the rise of digital technology, physical learning materials hold the advantage: studies show that memory retention amongst students was consistently higher when utilizing a book instead of an e-reader or tablet!

Are you still wondering if your classroom needs textbooks and a tactile academic curriculum? Let’s dive into the advantages of printed materials versus online Learning Management Systems (LMS) and discover the unique benefits of embracing the tangible!

7 Benefits of Printed Learning Materials

  1. Enhanced Cognitive Engagement

There’s something magical about holding a physical book in your hands—and there’s a science behind that magic! 

Research suggests that the tactile experience of flipping through pages and highlighting key points stimulates better cognitive engagement, leading to better information retention and visualization.

And while the accessibility of an e-reader boasts the benefit of convenience, the neuro-connection between hand and mind is a powerful one, aiding memory retention and comprehension. 

  1. Reduced Digital Distractions

Let’s face it: the internet is a treasure trove of distractions. 

With online LMS models, it’s easy for students to stray from their coursework and get lost in a labyrinth of websites or social media. By contrast, printed learning materials create a focused and distraction-free learning environment, allowing students to concentrate on the content without the temptation of endless notifications.

  1. Flexibility and Accessibility

Printed materials offer unparalleled flexibility and accessibility in one key way: they don’t rely on Wi-Fi, battery life, or specific devices to function. 

Whether you’re on a remote campus or in a rural area with limited internet access, printed materials ensure that learning is always within reach. 

Even better: they cater to various learning styles, making education accessible to all, regardless of technological preferences or constraints.

  1. Personalized Learning Experience

In the digital realm, one-size-fits-all is often the norm. 

By contrast, printed learning materials can be tailored to suit individual needs, fostering a personalized learning experience! 

Educators can annotate, add notes, and highlight sections to provide valuable insights and guidance to their students. This customization enhances understanding and creates a deeper bond between teachers and learners.

  1. Environmental Sustainability

As an eco-conscious publishing company, the team at JPS takes pride in promoting sustainable practices! 

Printed learning materials can be produced using responsibly sourced paper and eco-friendly printing techniques. And unlike digital devices that consume electricity and contribute to electronic waste, printed materials leave a smaller carbon footprint, making them a more environmentally friendly option for educational resources.

  1. Immersive Learning and Artistic Appeal

Beautifully designed textbooks and academic materials can serve as works of art in their own right! 

The attention to detail in printing, layout, and illustrations can significantly enhance the learning experience, engaging student’s imagination and helping them remember information through the use of color, shapes, and thoughtful layout.

And while the data is still being unearthed, some might say having a physical connection to learning materials encourages students to develop a deeper appreciation for education, turning each page into an exciting adventure.

  1. Offline Study and Revision

Picture this: a student preparing for exams during a long train journey or while sitting comfortably in a serene park. 

Printed materials make studying and revising offline possible, empowering learners to seize every spare moment for academic growth! With printed resources, there are no boundaries to when (and where) learning can occur.

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