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5 Large Format Print Materials to Enhance Learning and Memory Retention

5 Large Format Print Materials to Enhance academic Learning and Memory Retention and learning experience

It’s true: studies show humans overwhelmingly remember what they can see far more than what they can hear. 

For this reason alone, visual learning aids should be a crucial part of your training materials! 

Here are five visual aids that have the power to supercharge the impact of your next corporate function or employee training course.

1. Large Format Printing

In an educational environment, colorful, attractive posters have the ability to transform a space and set foundational expectations for what the learning experience will be like. 

Whether you are coaching a small group or a large organization, having distinctive visual aids as part of your education strategy is a great way to keep people engaged and communicate key concepts through simple language. 

Utilize large-format printing for posters, wall graphics, and trade show displays to create compelling visual aids that enhance presentations and training sessions.

2. Interactive Training Materials

Few things are worse than showing up to a training session and being forced to sit through hours of verbal instruction. Having a tangible resource to engage with has been proven to increase memory retention and participation up to 90%, since most people learn best by a combination of speaking and doing. 

Using printed materials such as posters, wall graphics, and banners to create interactive training aids that encourage participation and engagement is a great way to boost morale, increase memory retention, and create positive associations with the material being taught. 

3. Customized Workbooks and Training Manuals

Printing customized workbooks and training manuals with specialized content, graphics, and branding is an excellent way to enhance the learning experience and build brand recognition.

Whether you’re a school looking to include your mascot on the pages of popular texts or a company whose logo belongs on the pages of your training workbooks, weaving your personal imagery into your materials is a great way to foster recognition and build familiarity.

4. Hands-On Learning Tools

Providing hands-on learning tools is another great way to imbue your brand, logo, or school colors onto your unique materials. 

Products such as custom boxes and branded packaging can establish your brand before your education materials are even touched, while house training materials and kits encourage hands-on learning and interaction.

5. Durable and Long-Lasting Designs

One great benefit of wide and large-format is the innate durability of the materials created. Products like banners, binders and posters can almost always be used more than once, and can help drive down the need for frequent, repeat purchases over the course of years.

Utilizing high-quality substrates and print processes through a trusted printing partner ensures that training materials are durable and long-lasting, providing value for the investment.

By incorporating wide format printing into their training programs, best in class corporate training departments are able to enhance the learning experience and create memorable, impactful training materials that engage and educate employees.

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