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How to Avoid Collecting Outdated Inventory

Have Piles of Unsold Print Materials ? Here’s How to Avoid Stockpiling Outdated book Inventory with smart inventory at JPS Books

Are you fed up with out-of-date materials and getting stuck with unused, obsolete inventory?    

Do you have materials dating back to 2014?    

Are you actively paying for storage on products that will never sell? 

Is your collection of printed content gathering dust?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need smart inventory.

What is smart inventory?

Smart inventory helps you to plan and predict exactly what you’ll need and how much you can sell, helping you avoid the dreaded piles of unsold inventory at the end of every print run. 

When it comes to knowing how much inventory to purchase, think about the story of Goldilocks: not too many, and not too few.

Instead of guessing how much your clients will purchase from you, smart inventory allows you to track sales, availability, and product shipment status to accurately predict how much inventory you’ll need, and when.

What are the benefits of smart inventory?

Builds credibility. Smart inventory practice aligns you with an inventory management partner. After all, you need the right mix of management and execution! Smart inventory allows you to manage your SKUs and align with a supplier who has the correct equipment and skills. 

No need to store unused inventory. Say goodbye to the days of piling unwanted books and papers onto industrial shelving; with smart inventory management, only order as much as you need. 

Update and refine your materials as needed. Unlike ordering in bulk and then trying to distribute piles of materials before they become irrelevant, smart inventory allows you to purchase your materials in more conservative amounts. This gives you freedom to amend, update, or edit your books and kits as new sources of information become available. 

Saves time and money. Who doesn’t love saving hard-earned money? With smart inventory, you can dramatically reduce the amount of materials left gathering dust because your purchase order exceeded the demand for your product.

How can I get started using smart inventory management?

A printing partner is the best and most efficient way to begin the process of utilizing smart inventory management.

At JPS Books + Logistics, we have over 40 years of experience managing and tracking inventory to guarantee each client receives the exact amount of product they need to keep their materials profitable and relevant. 

Getting started with a printing partner is easy. All you need to do is schedule a no-strings-attached call to see if we’re the right fit.

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